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Granville County, North Carolina, Deed Book C, 635, 636.
[12 Israel] Roberson / to / [121 Mathew] Roberson / Deed / Examd

To all people to whom these presences shall com I Isral Roberson Sr. of Granvill County / in North Carolina Know ye that I Isral Roberson for divers causes and considerations me heare = / = unto moving but more especially for the love good will affection with I have & do bare to my Son / Mathew Roberson have given granted alined conveyed & confirmed and by these presentses do / fully freely & absolutely give grant aline convey & confirm unto him the said Mathew Rober = / = son his heirs & assigns for ever one tract or parcil of land containing by estimation three hun = / = dred & twenty acres be the same more or les begining on No. Robersons line at a corner Pine thence / by a new line made within themselves and Est corse to a whit Oke on Isr. Robersons one line / thense by this line to a corner Hiccory thence by the sd line to the little Creek thence down sd Creek to No / Robersons line thence by his line to the begining & concluding the sd Mathew Roberson's Plantation / & land wich he now lives on To have and to hold for ever the said given & granted premsis with / all the apurtances privileds & comoditis to the saim belonging in any ways apertaining / with all houses orchards gardins clear ground woods pasture ground watter & watter corses & / all other libertis & priviliges therein & thereon containing to him my said Mathew Roberson / his heirs & asigns for ever to his and thar only proper use henefit & behoof for ever and I the / said Isral Roberson for my self my heirs Escr. & Admrs. do covenant promis & grant to & with / the sd Mathew Roberson his heirs & asigns that before the ensealing & delivering hearof I am the / true Sol & Lawful ower of the above given premisis & am lawfully seazed & posesed of the saim / in my one proper right as a good perfect & absolute Esteate of Inheritance fee simple & have / in my self good right full power & lawfull authority to give grant convey & confirm the said / given & granted premises in maner as abovesd. and that the said Mathew Roberson his heirs & / asigns shall & may from time to time & at all times for ever hearafter by free & virtue of these / presences lawfully peacably & quietly hold use occupy poses & enjoy the said given & granted / primises with the apertenances free & clear and freely & clearly acquited esconerated & dischar = / = ged of from all manner of former & other gifts bargins sails leases mortgages wills intails / doweries Judgments Executions incumbrances & Escheats farthermore I the sd Isral Roberson

f. 2

for my self my heirs Exrs. & Admrs. do covenant warrant and engage the abovesd. land & premises / with all profits & intrustes thereon depending to him the said Mathew Roberson & his heirs for / ever against the lawful claims or demands of aney person or persons whatever for ever hereaf = / = ter to warrant secure and defend In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal ye / first day of December one thousand seven hundred & fifty eight.
Sealed & Delivered in presence of                     Isral I Roberson (L.S.)
Nic. Roberson David King

At a Court held fro Granville County 18s. Septem. 1759. / This Deed was proved in due form of Law by the Oath of Nicholas Roberson one of the subscribing Wit = / = nesses thereto & on Motion it was Ordered to be Register'd.Teste Danl. Weldon CC.
Truly Registerd /                                                 Willm. Hurst PublRegr

Source: North Carolina State Archives. Also available at North Carolina. Superior Court (Granville County), Record of deeds, 1746-1923; and index, 1746-1962, Deeds, volume C, 1756-1760, FHL microfilm 19020. Document images courtesy of Michael J. Vaughn, Esq.

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