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Colonel Harlee's Notes on 12211 Jonathan Friar Robertson

He was appointed cornet (subaltern officer), 1790, and lieutenant, 2 Jun 1791, in cavalry of Mero District, Tenn. (American Historical Magazine, July, 1897).

She was daughter of Frederick and Fanny Davis of N. C.

The inventory of his estate returned by his widow "Ciddy Robertson, Administratrix," was recorded by Clerk of Court, Davidson Co., Tenn., 7 Nov 1814, in "Will Book 3-4 and 5-6," p. 381. It included horses and cattle, each one described, "5 beds and bedding, one dozen split bottom chairs, 8 cotton wheels, 3 flax wheels, 2 stills, one loom and gear," "15 gallon kettles, one 25 gallon kettle" and other cooking utensils, dining room and household equipment and furniture, farming implements, various kinds of tools, "one surveyor's compass...1/2 dozen decanters...19 bee hives...14 small books, one English musket,' one rifle," and many other items, including 19 negroes, showing that his plantation was extensively equipped and his home was well furnished.

In the same book, at page 438, was recorded, 4 Mar 1816, the report of the commissioners appointed to divide the negroes belonging to the estate of Jonathan F. Robertson, "To Kiddy Robertson widow of the said deceased we allott negroes Pegg and Ephriam." Two negroes were allotted to each of the following named eight sons and daughters: [122111] Frederick, [122112] Benjamin Franklin, [122113] James Randolph, [122114] Felix, [122115] Betsy, [122116] Jonathan Fryer, [122117] Henry V., and [122118] Fanny G. Robertson.

In Will Book No. 7, pp. 398-403, was recorded, 5 Jun 1820, the report of the commissioners to divide the lands belonging to [12211] Jonathan F. Robertson deceased." His extensive lands including his home plantation on the south bank of the Cumberland River on both sides of Richland Creek and lands "in the town of Nashville" and in other parts of Tennessee were divided among his sons and daughters named in the previous division of the slaves except that "Betsy" who had since married was named as "Elizabeth Cheatham." The lands and the manner in which they were acquired and described in detail are in this lengthy record.

[12211] Jonathan Robertson has been confused with his uncle [1222] John Robertson....

Source: William Curry Harlee, Kinfolks: A Genealogical and Biographical Record, 3 vols. (New Orleans: Searcy & Pfaff, 1935-37), 3: 2549.

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