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Colonel Harlee's Notes on 12216 Felix Robertson

[12216] Dr. Felix Robertson was the first white child born in Nashville, Tenn. He was graduated at the Pennsylvania Medical College, Philadelphia. He became an eminent physician and scholar in Nashville. He was three times mayor of Nashville. He donated to the library of the University of Nashville the correspondence preserved by his father....

He owned a plantation in Robertson Bend of Cumberland River.

The will of Lydia (Waters) Robertson [his wife] is recorded in Davidson Co., Tenn., Clerk of Court's Will Book 10, p. 68. Her will was dated 31 Aug 1832, and probated Jan 1833. There had been held by her brother, David C. Waters, in trust for her and subject to being disposed of by her will, Lot 68 with a frontage of 131 feet on Cherry St., in Nashville, Tenn. Her will provided "that out of the rents and profits of said houses and lot my husband, [12216] Dr. Felix Robertson, shall first have furnished to him a decent support so far as the same can be effected out of the said rents and profits. Secondly, that out of the said rents and profits my son, Felix Robertson, shall be educated and supported until he shall attain the age of eighteen years, in order that he may thus be placed on an equality with my other children" and "that after the death of my said husband, said executors shall equal division of the above described property among all my children."-

Source: William Curry Harlee, Kinfolks: A Genealogical and Biographical Record, 3 vols. (New Orleans: Searcy & Pfaff, 1935-37), 3: 2550-2551.

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