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Colonel Harlee's Notes on 12242 Matilda "Patsy" Robertson

[12242] Matilda Robertson was named as "Patsy" in the will of her father, [1224] Elijah Robertson....

She is named as "[12242] Patsy Hannum" in the will of her brother, [12243] Sterling C. Robertson..., from which the following is quoted.

I will and bequeath to [122421] Mrs. Louisa Flury..., the wife of Anthony B. Flury, of the County of Washington in the Republic aforesaid (Texas), and to [122422] Elizabeth Hannum..., her sister, they being children of my deceased sister, [12242] Patsy Hannum, one half league of land to be selected by my executors hereinafter named, and of my Elm Creek or Little River lands, as early as possible after my death and the situation of my succession will justify, the said bequest not to be subject by any means whatever to the control, entire or in part, of the said Anthony B. Flury, the husband of the said [122421] Louisa Flury, neither to be subject as aforesaid to the control, entire or in part of any person or persons, the said [122421] Louisa may hereafter at any time marry, but the same to remain to the said Louisa and her heirs forever. It is further my will that the said bequest to [122422] Elizabeth Hannum aforesaid shall not be subject as aforesaid to the control, entire or in part, of any person or persons the said [122422] Elizabeth may at any time hereafter marry, but that the same shall be and remain to her, and her heirs forever.

Thus we learn that [12242] "Patsy's" husband was a Hannum and that she died before 10 Aug 1840 the date of that will, and also the name, etc., of one of her daughters.

Notes made by [122431C] Mrs. Eliza Sophia (Robertson) Johnson..., from family letters at the home of her father, who was a nephew of [12242] Mrs. Matilda (Robertson) Hannum, states that [12242] Matilda was called "Patsy" and that she married Washington L. Hannum, a lawyer, and that their children were [122421] Louisa, wife of Anthony Flury of Washington Co., Texas, and [122422] Elizabeth, who married a Mr. Daniel of New Orleans, La.

Washington L. Hannum was admitted to the Bar in Nashville, Tenn., in 1804 (Clayton's History of Davidson County, p. 97) .

Washington L. Hannum resided in 1829 in Tennessee.

"In 1829 the social as well as legal. circles of the Western Country were stirred over the impeachment of Judge Joshua Haskell . . . most of the prosecuting witnesses, came from the Judge's own town, (Jackson, Tenn.) . . . The principal charge in the articles was that on several occasions Judge Haskell had left the bench and court-house during the progress of trials before juries to engage in conversation and amusement. A witness testified that while a case was being argued before a jury, he had withdrawn to the courtyard to partake of a watermellon.... A list of the witnesses before the Senate has the appearance of a roster of West Tennessee's notables of the time." (A footnote names Washington L. Hannum among the witnesses). (William's Beginnings of West Tennessee, pp. 221-2) .

A letter from [12242] Matilda (Robertson) Hannum's nephew, [122413] George C. Childress...(q.v. ONE OF HIS LETTERS), mentions "Washington." It is conjectured that he was her husband, Washington L. Hannum. If so, it indicates that they had removed from Tennessee to Texas, where their daughters, according to the will of their uncle, [12243] Sterling C. Robertson..., dated 10 Aug 1840, resided in Washington Co.

Nothing further having been learned in Tennessee of this family, it is likely that the conjecture that they removed to Texas is correct.

...[122421] Louisa Robertson m Anthony B. Flury.(v 7 LETTER FROM HIS SON.)

Source: William Curry Harlee, Kinfolks: A Genealogical and Biographical Record, 3 vols. (New Orleans: Searcy & Pfaff, 1935-37), 3: 2622-2623.

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