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Colonel Harlee's Notes on 12245 James Robertson

The will of [1224] Elijah Robertson..., dated 17 Feb 1797, names [12245] James [Robertson] last among the list of his five children. The third child named was "[12243] Sterling" who we know was born 2 Oct 1785. It is presumed that James was born between 1786 and 1796.

The next mention of this [12245] James Robertson found in the records is in a deed recorded in Will Book 1-2, p. 129, Clerk of Court, Davidson Co., Tenn., from "William Maclin, Sen."....conveying a negro to him. It was then customary to assign a slave to a child, the duty of the slave being to care for its young master. This conveyance was witnessed by a James Robertson, presumed to have been [1221] General James Robertson...and by John Childress...[married 12241] who was or later became husband of [1224] Elijah Robertson's daughter. The Sarah Robertson mentioned in the deed was mother of the grantee, [12245] James Robertson and widow of his father, [1224] Elijah Robertson.


[12245] James Robertson son of [1224] Elijah Robertson. A Deed of Gifts.

State of Tennessee Davidson CountyKnow ye that I William Maclin, Sen., of the County and State aforesaid for divers good causes and for the affection I have to my grand son [12245] James Robertson, son of the late [1224] Elijah Robertson, deceased, have and by these presents do give to him the said [12245] James Robertson one negro fellow named Charles, age about twenty years to remain to him the [said 12245] James Robertson his heirs and assigns forever without interuption hereafter but it is to be observed that the negro fellow aforesaid is to remain with Sarah Robertson in the present year and for her to receive the profits aforesaid negro for the present year and the William Maclin aforesaid do hereby ratify and confirm the right and title of the aforesaid negro to him the [said 12245] James Robertson his heirs. In witness I have set my hand and affixed my seal this 4th day of June 1798Wm. Maclin (L.S.)
Witness: John Childress and [1221] James Robertson.

The execution of which deed of gift as above recited was in court held for the County of Davidson, July Session 1798, proven to be the act and deed of Win. Maclin, Sen., by the oath of John Childress, subscribing witness.


Inasmuch as no further record has been found of this [12245] James Robertson and as [1224] Elijah and Sarah (Maclin) Robertson's grandson reported that they had only two sons [122431 E. S. C. Robertson]..., it is presumed that the third son died young. He probably died shortly after 4 Jun 1798 when he was given the negro Charles and in Nashville, Tenn., where his widowed mother lived.

[Note by Tom Robertson: Colonel Harlee's assumption that 12245 James Robertson died young may or may not be accurate since it is based solely on a hearsay document produced in 1875, and further investigation is required before the assumption becomes a final conclusion.]

Source: William Curry Harlee, Kinfolks: A Genealogical and Biographical Record, 3 vols. (New Orleans: Searcy & Pfaff, 1935-37), 3: 2597.

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