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22 November 2001

Mr. Tom Robertson
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Dear Tom:

As promised in our e-mail correspondence, I am enclosing a photocopy of the notes on the Cockrill and Robertson families, presumably written by my great grandmother. Henrietta Cockrill Ewing. The paper is thin, and has been written on on both sides, but I believe that you can make most of it out.

I am also enclosing a transcript of these notes, which include (in italics) my comments on the things mentioned in the notes.

As a point of interest, I don't know if you are familiar with Nashville, but living in Northern Mississippi. I am assuming that the answer is yes. You may then be already aware that Cockrill Springs, mentioned as the birth site of the two oldest Cockrill children, is the present-day Centennial Park. The lake in the Park, just behind the Parthenon, is fed by the springs.

I'll be interested to hear what, if anything, you make of these notes.

Pete Hamilton

f. 2

The following is a transcription of a handwritten note on the Cockrill family. My mother (Susan Gordon Hamilton) says that she believes that the handwriting is that of her grandmother, Henrietta Cockrill Ewing. The note is not signed nor dated. JPH 4/4/98

Page 1

Mark Robinson Cockrill June 27th 1872
Susan C. Cockrill August 2nd, 1871
Julia A. Cockrill April 21st, 1855
George W. Cockrill Sept. 20th, 1835
Alex. H. Cockrill Oct. 3rd, 1829
Alex. H. Cockrill Sept. 1st 1833
Daniel W. Cockrill
Nov. 19th 1854

Father and Mother died at their home near Nashville 6 miles on the Charlotte Pike where they are buried on the place. Also the other members who are dead, as well as my Grandfather and Grandmother Cockrill who were moved from the Robertson place to where they are now. Granville Cockrill and Aunt Patsy Cockrill are also buried there. Old Gen'l Robinson and wife are at the old Cemetery at Nashville. None of my dead family have left any heirs -- Julia, none -- 2 boys named Alexander died babies -- Washington only 7 years old and Dan died at college at Lebanon aged 18 with typhoid fever. Washington buried at Lexington, Ky.

Page 2

I will see Ben (JPH note: 1 believe Ben is her older brother, Benjamin Franklin Cockrill) and ask him all I can get for you about when and where they were married. I mean my father and mother, but it is my impression they were married near Antioch where my mother was born. They were either first or 2nd cousins. (JPH note: they were half first cousins; their fathers were half brothers, having the same mother but different fathers.) My grandmother Robinson was a widow with 3 children when she married John Cockrill in the fort where Nashville now stands, and if you will read Haywood's History of Tenn. it may tell you the year they were married. I will try and find out from Mrs. ???? (maybe Snyder: JPH) (JPH note: Sarah Foster Kelley says Aran Hill Snyder was a great-granddaughter of Gen. James Robertson. This would make her a second cousin, once removed of Henrietta Cockrill Ewing.) who is one of the descendants

f. 3

more to write you. I have not seen that Cousin since I told you I would find out all she knew as she lives in West Tennessee near Bells

Page 3

Station and if you will direct your letters to Mrs. Eliza Hamlet, Bells Station care of Mrs. Robinson or write to Mr. John Davis who is on the Rail Road here and enclose a letter to Mrs. Hamlet he will forward to her in case I am mistaken in her direction if you will write to Mr. John Davis care of Maj. Thomas Chatinooga (sic) R. R. 1 Office Nashville Tenn, he will forward it to him if not here.

Page 4

Julia Cockrill and Ed. Cheatham were married on June 21st, 1854. Almira Jane Cockrill and W. E. Watkins were married on the 2nd Feb. 1842. Benjamin F. Cockrill and Sally Foster were married on April 16th 1857, Nashville. James R. Cockrill and Mary E. Cockrill were married on June 3rd, don't know the year. Mark S. Cockrill was married to Molly Goodloe in May just as the war closed in the South in 1865. Henrietta was married to Albert Ewing Nov. 8th 1865 the same Fall. My father Mark Robinson Cockrill and Susan Collinsworth were married on May 22nd 1822 I think near Antioch her old home, where she was born and reared.

f. 4

On a separate piece of paper (actually, its a scrap of what appears to be the same writing stock as the above was on), and in the same handwriting, is the following:

Taken from family Bible.

Mark Robinson Cockrill, born Dec 31st, 1788, Davidson Ct, near Nashville
Susan Collinsworth Cockrill, Jan 4th, 1798, Davidson Ct, near Antioch

Children as they were born

Julia A. Cockrill, Nov 8th 1823 at Cockrill Springs, the place owned by her grandfather Cockrill, afterwards her father -- still bears the name
Almira Jane Cockrill, Jan 29th, 1825 Cockrill Springs
George Washington Cockrill, Sept 29th, 1826 [Cockrill Springs]
Alexander Hamilton Cockrill, March 18th, 1828[Cockrill Springs]
Alexander Hamilton Cockrill, Jan 24, 1830 Mississippi
Benjamin Franklin, Nov 1st, 1831 [Mississippi]
James Robinson Cockrill, July 24,1833 Kentucky
Daniel Webster Cockrill, Jan 12th, 1836 Davidson Co.
Mark Sterling Cockrill, May 29th, 1838 [Davidson Co.]
Henrietta Cockrill, Dec 9th, 1839 [Davidson Co.]

JPH notes: These documents were written after the death of Mark R. Cockrill in 1872. They are obviously written by one of the children of Mark R. and Susan C. Cockrill. Ahnira, Ben, James, Mark and Henrietta were the only ones still living by that time. The paragraph on the children's marriages refers to each of them in the third person, shedding no light. The handwriting appears to be a woman's, but that is subjective. Mom says that she thinks that it is her grandmother's (Henrietta's) handwriting.

This is the only place that I have seen the family name spelled "Robinson "instead of "Robertson ". The writer refers to their father as Mark Robinson Cockrill, and their brother as James Robinson Cockrill. He/she refers to "Grandmother Robinson (who was) a widow with 3 children when she married John Cockrill . . . " Yet he/she says that ...Grandfather and Grandmother Cockrill . . . were moved from the Robertson place to where they are now (buried) . . . " (This is perhaps a reference to Traveler's Rest, the James Robertson home, which Katherine Ewing says became the home of John and Ann Robertson

f. 5

Cockrill in their last years, after they "traded" homes with James Robertson's widow so she could be closer in to town.)

The fact that the writer uses the names Robertson and Robinson interchangeably lends some credance to the contention that the family name had evolved from Robinson to Robertson.

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