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Estate of 1261 Julius Robertson to Bartlett Rogers
Buncombe County, North Carolina, Deed Book F, 17, 18, 19.

This Indenture made the fiftenth / Day of February one Thousand Eight / Hundred and twelve between Willi / [am] Rogers & William Robertson administra / tors on the Estate of Julius Robertson De - / - ceased of Buncombe County and State / of North Carolina of the first part / and John Bennett Senr of the Coun / ty and State aforesaid of the Other / part Witnesseth that the said John / Bennett Senr being authorised by / a Power of Attorney from Bartlet / Rogers to ask and Demand of us a / Title to a Certain Piece of Land that / the said Deceased Sold to the said / Bartlett Rogers and gave his Bond / to make a title to the same and / Deceased before the Title Could be / Demanded the Purchase Money be / -ing Paid at the time of the Con / tract and the Bond being Proved in / Open Court Recorded and Registered / according to Law we Proceed to make / the Title agreeable to the directions of

f. 2

[line missing] / the Land was Purchased for one / hundred Dollars it being part of a / Three hundred Acre tract that the / Said Deceased lived on at his Death / on Caney River This Piece is Bounded / by Conditional lines as Follow – / Beginning at the Mouth or Junction / of the first bold Branch above the su / gar Camp on the East Side of the River / a Beach and Line tree marked and / runs nearly South up said branch / as it Meanders to where the West / line Crosses said branch then West / with said line to the Corner a Forked / Beach thence North to the River Thence / down said River to the Conditional begining the Mouth of Big Branch Beach / and Line tree all on the East Side of the / River, Containing one hundred acres be / the same more or Less, Togethere with / all the Rights Priviledges & Appurtan / nances thereunto belonging to have and / to hold the Aforesaid Land and Prem / - mises unto the said John Bennett / Senior his Heirs and Assigns for ever / with all the Appurtenances thereunto / belonging, and we the said William / Rogers and William Robertson do Warrant / and Defend the aforesaid Land and pre / - mises as Far as we are Empowered by the

f. 3

Laws of North Carolina, and the ti / tle of Said Deceased does admit us / to Do as Administrators In witness / whereof we hereunto Set our hands & / Seals the Day and year above writ / - ten Signed and Sealed in Presence / of
Moses Honeycut William Rogers (Seal)
John Bennett Jr William [his mark] Robertson (Seal)
Admrs of Julius Robertson Decd

State of North Carolina April Sessions 1813
Buncombe County
The within Deed from William Rogers and William Robertson / admrs of the Estate of Julius Robertson Decd / to John Bennett for 100 Acres was ac / knowledged in open Court and ordered / to be Registered
Attest D Vance Clk
Registered the 25th Day of May 1813

Source: Buncombe County (North Carolina) Register of Deeds, Deed records, 1789-1964: Index to deeds, 1789-1962, Deeds, v. A-F, 1806-1814, FHL microfilm 410548. The deed book Buncombe County is using appears to be a modern transcription of the original. This deed courtesy of Sharon Peel.

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