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Family Bible Record of the 126718 Charles Sevier Robertson Family

The original Bible in which these records were placed was bound in imitation leather, and it measured nine and one half inches by twelve and one quarter inches. The information on the title page read as follows: "Self-Pronouncing Edition in which all the proper names are divided and accented and the variable vowel and consonant sounds marked, showing how to pronounce them correctly. THE HOLY BIBLE containing the Old and New Testaments translated out of The Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. The text conformable to that of the edition of 1611, commonly known as the Authorized or King James' Version. The sayings of Christ are printed in red. The Ellis-Martin Co., Jackson, Tenn. 20th Century Edition."

The names, places of birth, and dates of birth are in the hand of Lt. Col. Charles Sevier Robertson, the original owner of the Bible, as are the dates of marriage for him and his wife and his children Charles Alex. Robertson, L. H. Robertson, and Ben W. Robertson. The death dates for L. E. Ayers Robertson, Mary V. Robertson, Robert L. Robertson, Annie S. E. Robertson, Moses (illegible) Robertson, James Robertson, and Laura L. Robertson are in his hand as well.

Upon Col. Robertson's death, his Bible passed to his youngest son, Benjamin Whitington Robertson, and the marriage entries for T. L. Robertson and Addie A. Robertson as well as the death dates for Col. Robertson, Charles Alex. Robertson, T. L. Robertson, and Addie A. Robertson are in his hand.

By the time of Ben Robertson's death, in 1963, the Bible's pages were crumbling badly because of their high acid content. Robert Charles Robertson, Ben Robertson's son, did his best to slow the ravages of time upon this precious family document to no avail.

He passed the family record pages to me in the autumn of 1977.

Tom Robertson
New Albany, MS

For the sake of completness, I have taken the liberty of adding the death date for my great grandfather, L. H. Robertson, and that of his brother, Ben W. Robertson, to the original record. The information now contained on the family Bible record pages is as follows:

Date of Birth
Date of Death

Charles S. Robertson

Hardeman Co.,
Septr. 16, 1830

May 12, 18521

12th Apr 1916

L. E. Ayers
Tippah Co., Miss

Jan. 6, 1837

May 12, 1852

23 June 1897

Mary V. Robertson

Hardeman Co.,
March 13, 1854

15 April 1855

Charles Alex.
Hardin Co., Tenn

July 24, 1857

Jan. 26, 18962

5th Sept 19373

Robert L. Robertson

Hardin Co., Tenn

June 25, 1859

24 Septr 18674

Annie S. E.
Tippah Co., Miss

June 19, 1861

2 August 18664

Moses Ayers
Tippah Co., Miss

Decr. 21, 1865

5 August 18674

James Robertson

Tippah Co., Miss

May 21, 1869

21 May 18694

L. H. Robertson

Tippah Co. Miss

April 6, 1870

12 April 1896

April 23, 1953

T. L. Robertson

Tippah Co., Miss5

July 25, 1872

24 October
1st Jany 1952

Laura L. Robertson

Union Co., Miss

April 20, 1875

19 July 6 a.m.
Addie A. Robertson

Union Co., Miss

Sept. 6, 1877

5th Dec 1934

Nov. 10, 1961

Ben W. Robertson

Union Co., Miss

March 26, 1880

2 August 1903

Sept. 7, 1963

1According to Hardeman County, Tennessee Marriage Record Book 2, p. 136, Charles S. Robertson married Lucinda E. Ayers on June 12, 1852. Bond was made on May 12, 1852 by Charles S. Robertson and A. T. Robertson.

2According to Tippah County, Mississippi Marriage Record Book 6, p. 361, Charles Alexander Robertson married Lizzie A. Keenin on January 25, 1896.

3According to the New Albany Gazette, September 29, 1938, Charles Alexander Robertson died September 23, 1938 at Laurel, Mississippi.

4Family tradition says that this child is buried in the Ayers Family Cemetery in an unmarked grave near the former site of Mt. Rose Plantation, Union County, Mississippi Range 2, Township 6, Section 8.

5Union County, Mississippi was formed in the Autumn of 1870, so there is a strong probability that T. L. Robertson was born there as well.

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