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1267B9 Judge J. C. Moreland to the American Historical Magazine

Note by Tom Robertson: The article to which Judge Moreland refers, "Maj. Charles Robertson and Some of His Descendants" by Mrs. Charles Fairfax Henley, is unsourced and riddled with errors, and his letter itself contains some errors especially regarding his supposition that 12671 Charles Robertson died in "...New Orleans...shortly after...[the] Battle..." in the War of 1812. There is, in fact, primary evidence that it was 12677 Thomas Robertson who died during that war. The evidence is presented at Overton County, Tennessee Deed Book E, 248. Nevertheless, Judge Moreland's letter is a valuable family document because it provides the names of 1267 George [and Susan Nelson?] Robertson's children and the names of his own siblings.

Major Charles Robertson and His Descendants

[Judge Moreland points out below some errors in the interesting sketch of "Charles Robertson and his descendants," published in the last issue of this magazine. In addition to what he has mentioned, an inadvertent error mentioned Julius Caesar Nichols Robertson as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of Tennessee in 1836-37. The date should have been 1834.]

Portland, Oregon, Feb. 11, 1898.

To the Editor:

In the American Historical Magazine for January is an account of Major Charles Robertson and some of his descendants. As one of his descendants, I was very glad to see the same and read it with much interest, and it contains to me much valuable information, but there are some errors therein as to the descendants of George

f. 2

Robertson, one of the sons of Charles Robertson, which ought to be corrected. I therefore send you the following:

There were born to George Robertson and Susan Nelson Robertson, twelve children. I am not certain as to the dates of their birth except Charles Robertson was the oldest, and Wiley B. was the youngest. Their names were as follows:

Charles, unmarried, who fought at New Orleans under General Jackson, and was supposed to have died there shortly after that Battle.

Alfred, died in infancy.

Nichols, died when about sixteen years of age.

Alfred, who was mentioned in said article.

Elizabeth, also mentioned.

Thomas, who, I think, died unmarried, and who was also at the battle of New Orleans.

William, who was also mentioned.

Julius Caesar, who was mentioned in said article as having been the son of Alfred Robertson. He was the son of George Robertson, and a brother of Alfred. After the death of his older brother Nichols, at the request of his mother, he added the name Nichols to his name, and also signed himself J.C.N. Robertson. I have a number of his letters written in a clear bold hand, until advancing years and infirmity made him almost blind, when his letters to me are written in another hand. He was a Brigadier General in the Indian Wars in 1832, and I think was not at New Orleans as mentioned in said article. He was a Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Tennessee in 1837. Afterwards he removed to Mississippi where he was prominent in the affairs of the State. Was candidate on the Bell and Everett ticket for presidential elector in 1860. Stumped the State of Mississippi in their behalf, making earnest appeals for the preservation of the Union, but when his state seceded, he went with it, and while too old to enter the Confederate Army, rendered valuable service to that cause.

f. 3

Rosamond, mentioned.

John F., mentioned.

Susan, my mother, is also mentioned.

Wiley Blount was the youngest of the children. He was born, not in 1808, but was younger than my mother, and she was born Jan 14th, 1809. She married the Rev. Jesse Moreland in 1827. Removed to Illinois in 1848, Crossed the Plains in 1852 to Oregon, where she died Feb. 8th, 1859. She was the mother of nine children, as follows:

Wesley, who died at Corinth, Miss., Jan 23, 1862, a Captain in an Iowa regiment of the Union Army. He had been wounded two or three times, but died of sickness.

Sarah J. married M. M. Owen, now living in Portland, Ore.

Martha, died in Illinois in 1850.

Martha Cooper married F. W. Robertson, now living in Oregon.

William, now living in Oregon.

Samuel A., died in Portland in 1886.

Ann Eliza, married John Calvert, and died 1857.

Josephine, died in 1860.

Julius Caesar, married Abbie B. Kline, is now living in Portland, Ore.

Permit me also to add that I am very much interested in the work your magazine is doing in rescuing so much of past history and putting it into shape for preservation. Our descendants years afterwards, will read your magazine with interest.

With thanks for your energy and perseverance in the good work in which you are engaged,

Yours truly,
J. C. Moreland

Source: American Historical Magazine 3 (March 1898), 190-192.

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