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Deed Abstracts for 13 Edward Roberson

Halifax County, North Carolina, Deed Book 1, 313. THOMAS KEARNEY of Edgecombe County, gentleman to FRANCIS MYRICK, JR. of Bertie County, planter 8 Sept. 1739 10 pounds current money of Va. 300 acres on the south side of Roanoke river, joining PATRICK LASHLEY and the river all houses, buildings etc. as by patent to the sd. KEARNEY 6 June 1729 Wit; JOSEPH JOHN ALSTON, EDWARD ROBERTSON Reg. (Place not given) Feb. Ct. 1739 J. Edwards C. Ct.

Halifax County, North Carolina, Deed Book 3, 134. JOHN DOYLE of Edgecombe County to RICHARD SMITH of Edgecombe County 13 Aug. 1747 3 pounds current money of Va. 200 acres on the east side of Pritty creek all houses, buildings etc- part of 400 acres granted to the sd. DOYLE 11 Apr. 1745 Wit; EDWARD ROBERTSON X his mark, NICHOLAS KILLINGSWORTH Reg. Edgecombe County Aug. Ct. 1747 R. Forster C. Ct.

Halifax County, North Carolina, Deed Book 4, 31. PHILLIP MULKEY of Blaton County, planter to JOSEPH JOHN ALSTON of Edgecombe County, gentleman 22 Nov. 1750 18 pounds Va. currency 100 acres more or less on the north side of Butterwood, joining the sd. ALSTON part of a grant to GEORGE SMITH 1 Mar. 1732 all houses, out houses, orchards, gardens etc. Wit: EDWARD (his R mark) ROBERTSON, DANIEL P-----(?) Proved before me this 24 Apr. 1751 James Hasell C. J.

Halifax County, North Carolina, Deed Book 4, 392. EDWARD ROBINSON of Edgecombe County to JOHN JONES of Edgecombe County 1 Jan. 1753 25 pounds current money of Virginia 150 acres on the north side of Marsh swamp, joining the mouth of the Middle branch whereon the sd. JONES now lives Wit: JOHN STEELE, CHARLES BROWN Reg. Edgecombe County Feb. Ct. 1753 B. Wynns C. Ct.

Halifax County, North Carolina, Deed Book 6, 201. EDWARD ROBERTSON of Edgecombe County to DAVID CRAWLEY of Edgecombe County 11 May 1757 100 pounds lawfull money of Great Britain 450 acres, joining the mouth of the spring branch and JOHN JONES whereon the sd. EDWARD lately lived 200 acres of which was granted to the sd. ROBERTSON 6 June 1739 and 250 acres is part of a Granville grant to the sd. ROBERTSON Wit; ALEXANDER MCCULLOCH, JAMES BLOYCE Reg. Edgecombe County May Ct. 1757 J. Montfort C. Ct.

Source: Margaret M. Hoffman, abstractor, Abstracts of deeds, Edgecombe Precinct, Edgecombe County, North Carolina, 1732 throuh 1758; as found in Halifax County, North Carolina public registry deed books 1-2-3-4-5-6 (Weldon, North Carolina: Margaret M. Hoffman, 1969).

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