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1777 Petition of the North of Holston Men

To the Honorable the President and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates:

The Petition of a Number of Inhabitants in the lower Parts of Washington County humbly Sheweth that your Petitioners were greatly Injured in the Division of Fincastle in the year 1776 by the manner in which the line was directed to be run, but on hearing that the Inhabitants of Montgomery and some part of the upper end of this County had Petitioned this Honourable House for an alteration of said Line, and pointed out a new one equally just and Convenient to both Counties, and which we highly approved of, and made no Doubt, from the Justice of their Petition, would be Granted, we therefore rested in hopes that their Grievances and ours would be Redressed at the same time, which alone prevented us from joining them in their Petition. But now we find that only a small part of their Petition was Granted, and we are left to Labour under nearly the same Grievances as we formerly did, especially as the Court House is fixed in a place not above thirty miles from the Upper Line of the County and not twelve miles from the Boundary between this State and North Carolina, and from the Court House to the lower end of the County that is now inhabited is more than seventy miles. But had the line been fixed as petitioned for by the People of Montgomery, the County from the Indian Boundary on Holston to the seven Miles ford of said River would not be more than ninety miles long and by fixing the Court house in the Center equal Justice would be done to all, which we humbly presume all have a right to, and which alone we expect or hope for from this Honourable House. For as the case stands now, we cannot expect to have the Court house in the Center of the Inhabitants, nor within many miles of it, as our Representative in 1776 recommended Persons for Magistrates who lived mostly above the middle of the County and too much under his Influence, who placed the Court house where it now is, and had the Bill so framed that there is no appeal from their Judgment in this matter, and this was done at a Time when many of your Petitioners, and most pf the Principal People in both Counties were engaged on the Cherokee Expedition, and therefore had no opportunity to prevent such measures as were carried on by our said Representative; by shewing the Injustice, Design, and Impropriety of them. It is with Reluctance we give this Honourable House any Trouble in this matter but observing in so many Instances your Care and attention to the Rights of the People of this State, and your Readiness to enquire into and redress all just Grievances, we your Petitioners are therefore encouraged to Pray that our Case may be taken into your serious Consideration, that the Line may be fixed and settled between the two Counties in the manner Prayed for in the Petitions from Montgomery and some of the Inhabitants of this County at the Last Sessions; and that the Order of this Court for fixing the Court House at Black's Fort may be set aside, and such Methods fallen upon to have it set more in the Center of the County as you in your Wisdom may think best. And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever Pray &c.


Page 1

Saml Scott
Jas Thompson*
George Scott
Evan Shelby Junr
Thomas South
pleasant Lockett
James Campbell
James Trenor
Thos Carter
Alexr McFarland
Alexr Douglass
Thos Campbell
Mathew Moses
Geo Moses
Joshua Boucher
Jos Boucher
Jonathan Jennings
Alexr Ritchie
Lewis Green
Rawley Duncan
Lewis Green Junr
John Blakemore
Andrew Davis
Saml Ritchie
William Duncan
James Duncan
James Green
Josiah Payne
George Payne
Matthew Payne
William Carre
Isaac Randoll
George Randoll
Patrick Wall
Richart Davis
John Montgomery Juner
William Galespe
John Miler
galley Semore
Conerod Miller
Robt Stuart
John Downning
John Holladay
Geo: Hartt Senr*
Thomas Fowler
Abraham Bledsoe
James Clendennen
John Clendennen
Jas Williams
Phillip Williams
Hen[r]y Roberts
Alexr Grant
Daved Roberts
William Roberts
Jas Elliott*
Wm Elliott
Archibald fitcher
Perron Ely
John Long
Willm Head
Isaac Labo
Wm Young
John Wilson
Jonathan Douglass*
John Long*
Andrew Cowan
John Caseday
Thos Cawood
John Cawood Snr*
John Cawood Jnr
James Berry
Cornelius Riddle

Page 2

Ezekiel Smith
John Shelby
David Shelby
Danl Morris
Geo: Hartt Junr
Wm Blevins
James Blevins
Abrm Blevins
John Blevins Jnr
Jonathan Douglas Jnr
David Webb
William Hicks*
Mashack Hicks
ABednego Hicks
William Hicks Juner
Samuel Smith
George Little
John Cox Senr
Jno Drake
Edward Cox*
John Cox Junr
Thos Hambleton
Benjm Drake
Thos Cox
Jonathan Drake
Isaac Drake
Shederick Moris
Grove Moris
george Coplen
John Williams
William Wodloe
Zachariah Cross*

Edw: Bond
John Lathim
William Blanton

John Burk
John Tye
Samuel Underwood
Thomas Prather
Joseph Wright
George Webb
John webb
Jonathan webb*
Benjamin webb
Jno Malone Snr
Geo. Malone
John Malone Junr
William Malone
John Hambleton*
Joseph Hawkins
Nathaniel Hawkins
Aaro Hawkins
mathias Hawkins
Nicoles Hawkins
Abraham Cross
Elisha Cross
Tho. Phillips
Joseph Cole
Solomon Cole
Giddian Morris
John Crocket*
Wm Crocket
David Crocket
David Crocket
Wm Ingram*
David Hughes
Ralph Fleming
Thos Hughes
Saml Hughes
Robert Culwell
Eemon werren
Wollery Bealor
Jacob Bealor*
John Bealor*
Geo: Bealor
Joseph Bealor
Ulius Hickes
William Beatey
Saml Forkny
Danl Millar
Adw Beaty
Fras Fugit
Robert Barent
Richard Higgin
Danl McCormack
John McCormack
Thomas McCormack
John Daugherty
Abraham Crabtree*
Jacob Crabtree
Joshua McCormick
Edwd Douglass
Peter Lee
Halbert McCluer
John McCluer
Thomas Smith
Charles Scott
Nathan Smith
James Smith
Sam Smith
Tillman Smith

Page 3

Isaac Bledsoe*
David machan
David Steil*
John Hollis
Joshua Hollis
John Steil
George Steil
Robert Steil
James Steil Senr
James Steil Junr
Samll Kerr*
Joseph Kinkead*
David Kinkead
John Johnson
John Donahough
David Adair
Walter Johnson
Benjamin luney*
David Maxwell Seigr
Geo Maxwell*
Jesse Maxwell
David Maxwell Jur
James Brigham*
Peter Looney
Robert Gray
James Gray
Hugh Crawford
John Crawford
William Inglis
John Teeters

Robert Looney
John Looney
Steven renfrow Senr*
John Renfrow
Steven Renfrow Junr
Samuel Looney
James Cain
John Clark
Richard gamon*
ABraham Mclalan
Richard Burk
Gilbert Karr
Thomas King
Jas B Meredith
John Craig
Allex Diver
John Diver
John Dunlop
Moses Cavet
Alexander Cavet
William Young
Mathew Hare
Jessye Adams
William Jennings
William Hambleton
Michal Looney*
Ephraim Grymes
Alexr Hambleton
James Blythe
James Hambleton Senr
James Hambleton Jnr
Archibald McNiel
Henry Ramsey
David Grymes
Solomon Whight
William Ramsey
John Adams
Micajah Adams
Jonathan Adams
Daniel Hoggan
Wm Anderson
Wm McMullin
John Kearns
Robert Gilliland
William Craig
Arthur Galbreath
Vallentin Bop
Robert Williams
Peter Morrison*
Alexr Mahan
John Campbell
Thoms Ramsey
David Looney
John [X] White
Conrod Henninger
Henry Henninger
Michal Henninger
John Gre[y] [torn]
John Rork
John Gilliland
Thos Bird
Jno Norrice
Will Bird
Richard Stents
Daniel Hinone
John South
John South Jnr

Page 4

W. Williams
John Williams
Jacob Jung
Aberham Jung
John Shelby jr
George Broocks*
Samuel [X] Wilson*
James Fulkerson
John Carmack*
Edward Morgin
Jacob Fleener
Cornelos Carmack
Philip Mazen
Aadam Fleener
Michael Fleener
John Fleener
Adan yung
Nicholas Fleener
Jasper Fleener

Christopher fonckhouser
Robin handerson
John handerson
John yous
John fonckhouser
Henry grimes
Christopher fonckhouser jr.
peter yous
Roben Smidh
Cornelos Carmack senor
William Carmack
Lewis pills
John Robinson
William Smith
William Henderson
Rich Canoor
Henery [X] Morris
Vinson Hobs
Joel Hobs
Zekle Hobs
William Blanton
John [X] Bennins
Andrew Goff
page portwood Senier
page portwood Juner
Evan Shelby*
thomis [X] portwood
John oins
Peter Mombaim
Bahrents Hergelrots
Hen. Harklerode*
John McSwain
James Shelbey*
Garrett [X] fitzgerrell Junr
James Sprols
James Inglish
Isaac Shelby*

Page 5 -- Missing

Page 6

John Blanton
Moses Shelby
Samuel Martin
Henry Rice*
Nicholas Edwards
Elijah Robertson*
Frederick Calvit*
J[ames] Robertson*
Joab Mitchel*
John M[   ]er
[       ] [      ]ill
[       ] Mitchel

John Robertson
Jno Honeycut*
Edward Hogan
Druriah [X] Shaner
Mark Robertson*
Scarbrough Rees
Abraham Sturgin
Jno Michael Smithpeter
Huberd Rees
Abraham Stodghill
James Freeland
John Green
George Freeland
Thomas Caldwell*
Joseph Martin

Thomas Fletcher
Moses Winters*
Robert Patterson*
Josiah Ramsy
Görg Müller
Charles Rice
William Patterson
John Patterson
John Harriss
James Harriss
Thomas Hinson
Willm Hinson
Garret Fitzgerald
Thomas Williams
Amos Winters
William Ramsey

Jno Blakemore*
John Livingston
William Gill
Robert Killgore
David Russell
Micall Henagar
Wm Davison
James Davison
Joseph Davison
John Tate
William Tate
James Davison Jnr
Jonathan Wood
Obadiah Terrell*
David Edwards
Jess Cane
James Carr
Kasper Manscoe*
George Manscoe
Wiliam Livingston
Pettar Livingston
Robert Tate

Page 7

Demsey Ward
George Ward Junr
George Ward
William Wood
James Linn
James Kelly
Nathaniel Hicks
Jacob Hoffman
John Jacobs
Thomas Bailey
John Bailey
William Mitchel
Solomon White
James Paterson
Isaac Linsey
Henry Hickey
Stephen Holt
David Evans
Charles Fielden
Peter Turney
Henry Turney
Palser Rouse
John Robison
Joseph Hatfield
Jas Cauthron
Danl M[  ]gle
John Keewood
George Gobble
Abraham Newland
George Halfacre
Saml Bell
Moses Keewood
Danell Davison
Richard Price*

Source: Prentice Price, editor, "Two Petitions to Virginia Officials from the North of Holson Men, 1776-1777," in East Tennessee Historical Society Publication 21, 103-110.

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