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Possible Paternal Antecedents of 1. Nicholas Robertson

CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON, born about 1621? in England?; died before 31 Aug 1663

in Henrico,County, Virginia; married about 1643, in Virginia, MARIE ----- , born about

1621?; died after 31 Aug 1663. MARIE ----- married 2nd FRANCIS BURRELL.

CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON and MARIE ----- had four children:

CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON, born about 1660.


Virginia Patent Book 1, 1623-1643, 854.

John Ewens / 460

To all to whome &c sends &c Whereas &c Now Know / yee that I the said Sir William Berkeley Kt doe with / the consent of the Counsell of State accordingly give and / grant unto John Ewens Junr his heires Executors Adms / and assigns for ever fouar hundred and sixtie acres / aforesaid situate lying and being in the Countie of / Charles Citie in Appomattocks now called Bristoll / bounding North North East on the Land of William / Sanders East North East into the woods West North / West on the river beginning at a Creeke anon against / Thomas Canfeys his lemit and South South west in / Thomas Pitt his hind and endeth at the said Creeke / where Thomas Pitts hath his first bounds the breadth / thereof is twoe hundred and thirtie foarth to this extent / into the woods a full into being three hundred and / twentie foarth the said fouar hundred and sixtie / acres of land being due unto him the said John Ewens / Junr as followeth (Viz:) one hundred acres for the / generall Quarentine of his fathere John Ewens and Ann / his wife and three hundred and sixtie acres being / for the transportation of seaven persons into this Colony / whose names are in the records maintained under this pattent to have and to hold &c to have hold &c / Yeilding and paying &c which payment is to be made / seaven years after the date of these presents and not before &c dated the tenthe of November 1642 in at yr

John Ewens Senr Ann his wife John Broles / CHRISTO: ROBINSON Mannering Rawboord Georg / Cater Richard Greene Racholl Evans Thomas / Strowd Richard Watts

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Virginia Patent Book 3, 1652-1655, 172.

Xtoper. Robinsone / Jno. Sturdevant / 600

To all etc whereas etc Now Know yee that I the said Richard Bennett / Esquier give and grant unto CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON & John Sturdevant / Six hundred acres of Land lying and being in the County of / Henricoe and upon the heads of the Eastern run of the -- / Swift Creeke which run is known by the name of Mr Hatchers / run and bounded as followeth that is to Say from a Marked / tree on Mr Hatchers run west south west Eighty Chaines -- / towards the Swift Creeke Each Chaine Containing two pole -- / then North North west on the heads to a Marked tree and then / west South west twenty Chaine more towards the Swift Creeke / from thence North North west Eighty Chaines and then East North / East athwart the head of Mr Hatchers runn towards the / Ashen Swamp one hundred and forty Chaines and from thence / South South East two hundred & forty Chaines to the place / where it began the said Land being ded unto the said Xtopher / Robinson & John Sturdevant by and for the transportation / of twelve persons into this Colony etc to have and to hold etc / yeilding and paying etc which payment is to be made Seven / yeares after the first or deating thereof and not before provided / etc Dated the 23rd feby 1652 /
Wm Hayward John Howes Edward Baylie 2 rights by assignment from Michell Masioy / Elizabeth his wife James Shirley Tho: Edwards / John Hendale Robt. Kinge Hester Caulwine

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Miscellaneous Henrico County Court Records, Volume 1, 21. 31 Aug 1663. FRANCIS BURRELL, In consideration that Henry Randolph and John Wilson are bound with me to keep harmless and Indemnify the Henrico Court, because of any damage to them by reason of administration granted to me upon ye Estate of XROFER [Christopher] ROBINSON, decd., whose Relict I ye sd Burrell did Intermarry; and I assign all my goods, etc. In an inventory taken and valued this day by Mr. Thomas Bats, Mr. John Gillam, Mr. John Sturdivant, and Mr. Bartholomew Chandler; witnesses: Wm. Walthall, Bat. Chanier; FRANCIS BURWELL appoints Mr. William Baugh his attorney. Witnesses: Wm. Walthall.

Miscellaneous Henrico County Records, Volume 7, 2347. Know all men by these presents that I MARIE ROBINSON / Doe give unto my Children these goods & Chattells / that are hereafter expressed / To ED: ROBINSON the first ffillie that falls of my mare & the three next that falls to HENRY MARIE / & CHRISTOPHR To ED: ROBINSON / To MARIE ROBINSON / To CHRISTOPHR ROBINSON Is a Joynt stocke betwene / them fowre Cowes & I I female / Increase the Cowes being named / as followeth Stippin Ruggles Trandle / & Moll marked of there fathers mark / To CHRISTOPH ROBINSON a feather Bed bovaster I rugge I new pr sheet / To MARIE ROBINSON I feather bed bowlster 1 rugge I newe pr of sheetes / To HENRY ROBINSON I Cow Called by the name of primrose / & 1 heifer of thre yeares old called by the name of primrose / being marked the flowerdeluce In one Eare To ED: ROBINSON One Iron Kettle & one silvr Dram Cup / & one pewter Dish To HENRY ROBINSON one Iron Kettle I pewter Dish / To MARIE ROBINSON One Brass Kettle of fine gald one / Table & formed one pewter Dishe one Bason and B[owl]e / one wine Cup of sllvr / To CHRISTOPHR ROBINSON 1 Iron. pott of agate 1 pewter Dish / To the fowre Children Each of them a Chest / The Land to be Devided Into fowre pis the parts & to Each of my fowre Children when they come of / Age A Breeding sow / These goods I MARIE ROBINSON Doe freely & Clearly give unto my Children & desire that yt may be / recorded In the records of Henrico Corn. as witness / my hand this....

Henrico County, Virginia, Wills, Deeds, etc., 1677-1692, 447. 20 Apr 1687, recorded 1 Aug 1687. Francis, Lord Howard, Baron of Effingham, Lt. Gov. of VA, to Richard Bland, 1254A In Bristol Parish, on n.s. of Swift Creek, bounded by Hatchers Run; 600A which was formerly granted to CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON and John Sturdivant by patent dated 23 Feb 1652, by them deserted and since granted to Mr. Henry Randolph, decd., by order of General Court; other 654A was by Sir William Berkeley granted to Henry Randolph, decd., 27 Nov 1671; the tract of 1254A lapsed and was granted to said Richard Bland, 1 Apr 1687, for transporting 26 persons to this colony; signed: Effingham.

Henrico County, Virginia, Wills, Deeds, etc., 1677-1692, 179. 4 June 1681, recorded 1 8ber (1 Oct) 1681. I CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON, have received full share or legacy which was left to me by my father CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON, decd., from my mother Mrs. Frances Burrell; witnesses: William Geare, Nathan Tatum, Junr (his marke).

Second Generation

EDWARD ROBINSON, born about 1656 in Virginia; died before 3 Feb 1689/90 in

Charles City County, Virginia; married before 19 Oct 1677 ANNE -----, born about 1656,

died after 3 Feb 1689/90.

EDWARD ROBINSON and ANNE ----- purportedly had one child:



Henrico County, Virginia, Wills, Deeds, etc. 1677-1692, 25. 19 Oct 1677. Po 1677. EDWARD ROBINSON to Nicholas Dison, a tract of land lying between said Dison and John Worsham In Bristol Parish, bounded by the sd. ROBINSON, the Church path, and betwixt the Swift Creek and the high land gutt of Hog Pen Marsh; witnesses: George Worsham, Henry Roberson: ANN, wife of ROBINSON, relinquished her dower right: EDWARD ROBINSON, son and heir of CHRISTOPHER ROBENSON late of Bristol Parish In Henrico Co., decd., gives bond to Richard Kennon of Bemuda Hundred; deed of release witnessed by Edward Stratton, Charles Featherston, Joseph Royall, and Nicholas Dison.

Charles City County, Virginia, Court Orders, 1677-1679, 359. 17 Feb 1678/9. Adminmistration on the estate of Fra: West is granted EDW: ROBINSON being security for the orphan's estate. Mr. Batte Is empowered to take Inventory and report.

Charles City County, Virginia, Court Orders, 1687-1695, 274. 3 Feb 1689/90. Administration granted ANNE, widow of EDWARD ROBINSON. decd., an her husband's estate, and she with Lewis Green and Jarvis Dix give bond.


Reference: 18V196 (Virginia Historical and Genealogical Magazine). Christopher Robinson. As an extant Henrico Co., Va., records began in 1677, any earlier records are not recorded. But on 19 October 1677, Christopher Robinson, son and heir of Christopher Robinson of Bristol Parish, deceased (He died 1663), sold to Mr. Richard Kennon of Bermuda Hundred, a tract of land called the "Neck" bounded by the land formerly sold to said Kennon, the lands of Nicholas Dixon, John Worsham, and on Appomattox and Swift Creek.

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