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Virginia Patent Book 8, 1689-1695, 55, 56.
[1 Nicholas]Robinson & [Nicholas] Darrell / 289

To all &c Whereas &c Now Know Yee that I the Said Nath Bacon Esqr / President &c --------------- / give and grant unto Nicholas Robinson and Nicholas Darrell a tract of Land on Black / Water Contayning two hundred Eighty Nine Acres beginning at a white oake & on the South / side being a Corner tree of Mr Jas Wallace located & running South South West along / the Line of said Wallace [ ] Eighty two poles thence along the Land of the Said / Wallace [ ] South by East three hundred fifty and Eight poles a Cross the Second Swamp to / the Hoggpen Branch thence according to the Meanders of Hoggpen Branch West Eleven degrees / three [ ] North fifty five poles thence along the Bank North fourty and two and an / halfe West Eighty poles South Sixty degrees West Sixty three poles North fifty Eight / degrees West thirty four poles to the Ashen Branch thence along the Meanders of the / Run of the Ashen Branch North twenty Eight degreees east Ninty Nine

f. 2

poles to the Mouth there of, thence through the Second Swamp to a Corner tree of / Hugh Lee [ ] Land being a great white Oake and Standing in the and Standing / in the [sic] Swamp North three degrees and an halfe west twenty two poles thence North / North East One hundred sixty four poles thence North West Sixty four poles thence / North One hundred and two poles, thence North Sixty Seven degrees east Sixty / Eight poles to the first Swamp thence along the Meanders of the Run of Said Swamp / to the first Beginning at the White Oake the Said Land being due unto the / Said Nicho Robinson and Nicholas Darrell by and for the transportation of / Six persons into this Colony &c to have and to hold & to be held &c yielding / and paying &c provided &c dated the 21st of Aprill anno Domini / 1690 Jno. White, Sarah James, Richd. Wheelehouse, Robt. / Middleton, Jno. Farmouth, Ruth Tunstall.

Source: Available online at Also available at Virginia, Secretary of the Colony, Patents, 1623-1774, 42 vols. ; index, land patents, [to] volumes 1-42, Patents, v. 8, 1685-1695, 19, 20, FHL microfilm 29325.

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