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Virginia Patent Book 26, 1747-1748, 322, 323.
[112] John Roberson / Jun. [inserted above line] / 190

George the second by the grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King / Defender of the Faith To all to whom these presents shall come Greeting Know ye / that for divers Good Causes & Considerations but more especially for and in / Consideration of the Sum of Twenty shillings of good & lawful Money / for our use paid to our Receiver General of our Revenues in this our Colony / and Dominion of Virginia We have given granted and Confirmed and by / these presents for us our Heirs and successors do give grant and confirm / unto John Robertson [carat inserted and the following word written above the line] Junr. one certain Tract or Parcel of Land containing one / hundred and ninety acres lying and being in the County of Brunswick / on the north side of Roanoak River and bounded as followeth (to wit) Beginning / at Matthew Robertson's upper / Corner Black Walnut Tree on the River thence / along his line north forty three degrees east eighty six poles to his Corner White Oak / thence off north sixteen degrees west one hundred & twenty poles to a Corner / between several Trees thence north eighty six degrees west eighty poles to a red / Oak thence north seventy degrees west one hundred and six poles to a pine on John / Eastlands Line thence along his Line south four degrees west one hundred and / twenty four poles to his Corner Turkey oak on the said River thence down the / same as it meanders to the Beginning With all woods Underwoods / Swamps Marshes Lowgrounds Meadows floodings and his own share of / all Veins Mines and Quarries as well discovered as not discovered / within the Bounds aforesaid and being part of the said Quantity of one / hundred and ninety acres of Land and the Rivers Waters and Water Courses /

f. 2

therein contained together with the privileges of Hunting Hawking fishing fowling and / all other Profits Commodities and Heriditaments whatsoever to the land or any part / thereof belonging or in anywise appurtaining To have hold possess and enjoy the / said Tract or Parcel of Land and all other the before granted premises and every part / thereof with their and every of their appurtenances unto the said John Roberson and to / his Heirs and assigns forever To be held of us our Heirs and Successors as of our / Manor of East Greenwich in the County of Kent in free and Common Soccage and not / in Capite or by Knights Service Yielding and paying unto us our Heirs and / Successors for every fifty acres of Land and so proportionally for a lesser or greater / Quantity than fifty Acres the fee Rent of one shilling yearly to be paid upon the Feast / of Saint Michael the Arch Angel and also cultivating and improving three acres part of / every fifty of the Tract abovementioned within three years after the date of these presents / Provided always that if three years of the said fee Rent shall at any time be in arrear / and unpaid or if the said John Roberson his Heirs or assigns do not within the Space of / three years next ensuing after the date of these presents cultivate and improve three / Acres part of every fifty of the Tract abovementioned then the Estate hereby granted / shall cease and be utterly determined and there after it shall and may be lawful to / and forus our Heirs and Successors to grant the said Lands and premises with their / appurtenances unto some other person or persons as we our Heirs and Successors shall / think fit In witness whereof we have caused these our/ Letters Patent to be made / Witness our trusty and welbeloved Sir William Gooch Bart. our Lieutenant / Governor and Commander in Chief of our said colony and dominion at Williamsburg / under the Seal of our said Colony the fifth day of April One thousand seven hundred / and forty eight In the twenty first year of our Reign

Exd.                                                           William Gooch

Source: Available online at Also available at Virginia, Secretary of the Colony, Patents, 1623-1774, 42 vols. ; index, land patents, [to] volumes 1-4,2 Patents, v. 26, 1747-1748, 322, 323, FHL microfilm 29342.

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